Welcome to my new website!

This site should explain a little more about me, the services I offer and how to access them. Please read on...........

I'm a UK trained GP with nearly 20 years experience as a doctor and am passionate about General Practice. In addition to General Practice services I offer a range of additional services, many of which are bulk-billed. Some additional services have a small additional charge, mainly to cover cost of equipment and consumables, all of which is very competitive.

This site is still under development so please be patient..... but advice and constructive criticism is very welcome.........

Quick contact details:

Email  (admin@gpxtra.com.au) - I try and answer emails promptly, however replies may take a day or two
Mobile phone (0404244887) - leave a message and contact number and I will reply as soon as I can, within a few hours generally
Fax (08 8312 6066) - if you need to send me information.